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Initial Lease Costs

Before signing a lease, you are entitled by law to know the charges that will be assessed "up front" at the initiation of the lease agreement. These usually include the following:  

First Lease Payment and Possible Deposit In Advance

The first payment is required at the beginning of the lease term in addition to a possible security deposit. Lease payments are always made in advance, not in arrears.

Capitalized Cost Reduction

Basically, you may have the opportunity to lower your monthly lease payment by making a one-time payment to reduce the car's "initial capitalized cost." The capitalized cost is the total cost of the vehicle, including any fees, insurance, maintenance contracts, or options you request. As in the case of the loan amount, the more you put down initially, the lower the monthly payments. However, by putting down a large amount in an attempt to reduce your monthly outlay, you also negate one of the primary reasons for leasing - little or no initial cash outlay. 

Sales Taxes, Title and License Fees

When buying a car with a loan or cash, sales tax must be paid in full on the entire value of the vehicle at the time of purchase. With leasing, most states permit taxes to be paid on each monthly payment rather than on the entire value of the vehicle. The rationale behind this is to tax you only as you consume the vehicle's value. Tags, title and license fees are the responsibility of the lessee just as they are with a loan. These fees can be paid up front, or included and amortized over the life of the lease.


2015 Honda Accord LX

$269 a month with $0 at closing

36 months/12,000 year

2015 Acura TLX Tech Package

$671 a month with $1084 at closing

36 months/15,000 year


2015 Lexus TX 350 AWD NAV

$689/month with $1799 at closing

36 months/12,000 year



2015 Toyota Corolla LE

$240/month with $460 at closing

36 months/12,000 year

Toyota Camry LE

2011 Audi R8

9,000 miles





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