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The Masters Touch

Let us help you finance your equipment from The Masters Touch. Whether you are a start-up in the industry or a seasoned profession, we will help you to secure the capital needed to operate your business. Of course, in today's word, financing anything can be a challenge, but we will put our 40+ years in the industry to work for you to arrange terms and payments which will be beneficial to your bottom line.

If you are in need of the equipment package, a truck to operate your business or even a personal vehicle, just give us a call and we will work to obtain the best scenario for you.

Here is how to start-

  1. Complete fully the business credit application on our website.
  2. Give us a description of your business experience in this industry, including working for yourself or others. Please include any other business experience also even if not in this industry.
  3. Describe the equipment package you are getting from The Masters Touch.
  4. E-mail or fax this information to us, along with three months business bank statements (if applicable).

One of our underwriters will call you after we receive the information and will very likely have some questions for you. Please answer as fully as possible.

When we have all of the information we need, we will contact lenders who we feel will be interested in your business to get you the best possible structure in terms of loan or lease, thereby maximizing your dollar and making your business expenditures as efficient as possible.




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